The Catholic University of America

Tables in the Pryzbyla Center


CUA registered student organizations and members of faculty or staff may reserve a table in the University Center daily for any stretch of time between 7am-10pm. Because of the limited space available, groups may use only one table during a given day, although they may sign up for as many hours as desired based on availability. A maximum of two chairs will be provided at each table. Laptop computers will also be available for reservation.

To Reserve a Table

To reserve a table, faculty, staff and students will be able to sign up beginning at 4:00pm one day prior at the Information Desk located on the second floor of the Pryzbyla Center. Reservations will be completed on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 4:00pm and continuing through the following day. External vendors with paid, pre-existing reservations are not subject to this policy. Tabling availability may be limited during campus-wide events including, but not limited to, New Student Orientation, Luaupalooza, Family Weekend, Odyssey Day, Graduation and Commencement.

Table decorations must be limited to the assigned table only; additional materials may not be displayed on surrounding tables, windows, or on the floor of the Pryz. Any promotional materials that remain at a table following the end of a reservation will be disposed of by Pryzbyla Management Staff. Pryzbyla Management will not store promotional materials overnight.

Students, staff and faculty who fail to arrive at their designated reservation start time will forfeit their table reservation for that day. Anyone who vacates a table in the middle of his or her reserved time also forfeits use of that table for the remainder of the reservation. Excessive noise or use of music for promotional purposes must be pre-approved by Pryzbyla Management professional staff.

Staff must approve any off-campus vendor before a table space can be scheduled. A vendor application is required along with appropriate vending and liability insurance licenses, a list of references, and a sample of their merchandise. Because of limited space, usually only one table per vendor is available and may be scheduled for three consecutive working days. A fee of $50 or 15 percent of gross sales, whichever is greater, is charged per day. There is no charge to university organizations or departments distributing campus-related materials or selling items such as baked goods, plants, buttons, balloons, etc. for approved fundraising. Information distribution is also subject to the Posting Policy available on the university policy page. Contact Pryzbyla Management for further information (202-319-5615).



For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the Office of Pryzbyla Management at 202-319-5291 or