The Catholic University of America

Summer Assistants


Applications for Summer 2016 will be accepted through January 22, 2016.


Summer Assistants support the Office of Pryzbyla Management in the overall management of summer operations at CUA. Summer Assistants serve as an on-campus resource for students, conference guests, and interns throughout the summer and support the functions of all summer operations.

The following responsibilities and duties, schedule requirements, dates of employment, and remuneration are applicable to all Summer Assistants. Specific position responsibilities will vary based on the particular area to which the student is assigned.

Summer Assistants have the following responsibilities:

  • Must be in good academic and judicial standing, and maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA (NOTE: your grades and judicial record will be verified)
  • Serve on a regular on-duty rotation in campus residential areas in order to be available for critical situations throughout the summer
  • Respond to inquiries in person, in writing and/or by phone, about summer operations and residence hall services
  • Correspond with external conference groups verbally and in writing regarding summer operations, and conference/intern housing
  • Prepare for and support summer operations in residence halls, classrooms, the Pryzbyla Center, and other campus buildings (i.e. room set-up, check-in and check-out of conference groups, interns and CUA students in the residence halls, etc.)
  • Respond to crisis and emergency situations when necessary
  • Conduct room inspections after individuals and groups leave campus in order to assess any damages which may have occurred
  • Check rooms prior to arrival of an individual or group to ensure readiness
  • Submit facilities maintenance requests, resnet requests, and digital media services requests using on-line request submission system
  • Assist with the coordination and movement of furniture within the residence halls including the lowering of beds and manage event set-up in the Pryzbyla Center
  • Facilitate university services in the residence halls and on campus for CUA students, interns, and conference guests
  • Manage financial functions of summer operation including collecting payment, billing, and settling daily financial activity
  • Support administrative functions of the Office of Pryzbyla Management
  • Provide proper accessibility and security of the Pryzbyla Center by following opening and closing procedures
  • Inspect the Pryzbyla Center and report any maintenance or housekeeping concerns appropriately
  • Update and maintain posting areas in the Pryzbyla Center and campus public spaces
  • Supervise and monitor the activities and services offered at the Pryzbyla Center
  • Uphold and adhere to all university policies and guidelines while in performance of their duties and while on campus during the summer
  • Other duties as assigned

Schedule Requirements
Summer Assistants will be expected to work scheduled office hours between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. seven days a week; scheduled office hours may not exceed 39 hours per week. Summer Assistants are expected to work a minimum of 24 hours a week unless time-off requests have been approved by a supervisor. At times, Summer Assistants will be expected to work outside of normal business hours to attend specific summer operations. Summer Assistants may participate in extra-curricular activities or other employment but must ensure other commitments do not interfere with fulfillment of summer staff responsibilities.

Summer Assistants will participate in a regularly scheduled duty rotation in campus residential areas. When on duty, the Summer Assistant must be available in his/her room and accessible by phone between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Summer Assistants will also be expected to respond to crisis and emergency situations and conduct regular safety and security checks of residential buildings when on duty and in the residence halls. One Summer Assistant per area of campus will be on duty each night. In addition, a Summer Assistant will be on duty (including weekends and holidays) when offices are not open.

Summer Assistants will be expected to attend regularly scheduled staff meetings. Summer Assistants must remain on campus two of the four weekends of each month. Summer Assistants must also spend the night in his/her assigned space. Summer Assistants will be expected to work holidays as required.

Other Requirements

The position requires the movement of furniture and AV equipment. This includes lifting, pushing and pulling equipment, the ability to maneuver stairs, the ability to carry equipment up to 50 lbs of weight, and the ability to skillfully use a hand truck.

Dates of Employment
The Summer Assistant position starts approximately May 10, 2016 and ends on (or around) August 15, 2016. Summer Assistants will be expected to attend an orientation session on a to be determined date in April. Additional training will be conducted during the week of May 10 - 17, 2016. Summer Assistants must be available to move to their summer assignment when directed during the week of May 11, 2016.

Summer Assistants who have a fall 2016 on-campus housing assignment will be expected to move to his/her fall assignment as directed, will be able to remain in on-campus housing until the beginning of the academic year, and will not be charged for the time between the end of his/her employment and the beginning of the academic year. Specific move dates will be communicated with summer staff members during the summer. Summer Assistants who do not have fall 2016 on-campus housing assignments must vacate their summer housing assignment on the date established by Pryzbyla Management

$10.00 per hour and housing in an on-campus residence hall.

The Summer Assistant understands that as a condition of employment, and for the convenience of the employer, he/she is required to live in the room provided by CUA for the duration of the contract period specified in this position description. If the Summer Assistant does not meet the schedule and/or other requirements of the job, he/she shall be subject to termination and may also be required to re-pay the value of the housing.