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Senior Office Assistant

Senior Office Assistants work closely with professional staff on special projects and/or ongoing tasks in the Office of Pryzbyla Management. They primarily work in one of two areas:

Conferences and Event Planning assistants work with Pryzbyla Management staff to support the year-round conference program and campus scheduling.

Administration/Operations Assistants work with Pryzbyla Management staff to support the operation of the Pryzbyla Center, and the administration of the Office of Pryzbyla Management.


Senior Office Assistant has the following responsibilities:

  • Work with the Pryzbyla Management professional staff on special projects and ongoing tasks
  • Work independently on the Pryzbyla Managementspecial projects and on-going tasks as necessary
  • Assist with student staff training
  • Help monitor the use of student organization work areas and supplies
  • Perform administrative duties such as data entry, filing and typing
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings, workshops and training sessions
  • Participate in annual activities of the Pryzbyla Center and The Catholic University of America including but not limited to orientation, homecoming, and commencement
  • Follow policies and procedures as found in the Pryzbyla Management Student Staff Handbook and policies of The Catholic University of America
  • Represent the Office of Pryzbyla Management to clients, the CUA community, customers and visitors to CUA
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Pryzbyla Management staff


  • At least one year of prior experience working or volunteering in an office, CUA student organization executive position or similar environment
  • The ability to learn and use various software packages on Windows-based computers
  • Experience relevant to the primary work area
  • Highly developed organizational skills, proven ability to stay on task, meet deadlines and follow through on assignments
  • Reliable and dependable, friendly, patient and courteous manner
  • Knowledge of the campus and its activities
  • Highly motivated, self directed, responsible, mature and flexible
  • Desire and ability to work with diverse populations
  • Understanding and use of email
  • A positive work attitude and ethic

Physical Requirements

Must be able to type, sit and/or stand for periods of time.


This position reports to Pryzbyla Management staff person(s) most closely associated with assigned duties.

Additional Requirements

Must maintain at minimum a 2.0 cumulative GPA during the term of employment.


Helpful Information

Starting Salary:

Approximate Hours per Week:
5 - 15

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