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Operations Manager

Operations Managers work closely with Pryzbyla Management staff in the area of building operations and are a primary source of oversight for the Pryzbyla Center. Operations Managers also assist with management of student staff as assigned by the Operations Coordinator. They are responsible for supervision of important campus events and their presence is required for all major events.


The Operations Manager has the following responsibilities

  • Assist professional staff by supervising and monitoring the activities and services offered in the Pryzbyla Center during non-business hours
  • Oversee Operations Assistants and Set Up Crew in daily operations and assist with administering performance evaluations for these positions.
  • Make recommendations for improved Pryzbyla Management operations
  • Manage events by acting as a primary contact for event clients and by managing Pryzbyla Management student staff who are working events
  • Provide the proper accessibility and security of the facility by following the opening and closing procedures
  • Inspect the facility and follow up with Operations Assistants on regular building walk-throughs and spot checks throughout the day
  • Prioritize work assignments and supervise Operations Assistants and Set-Up Crew to ensure projects are completed accurately, safely and efficiently
  • Attend weekly meetings with Operations Coordinator to plan for the week’s upcoming events
  • Conduct weekly meetings with their assigned team of Operation Assistants and Set Up Crew as directed by Operations Coordinator
  • Assist in the planning of training sessions and workshops for Operation Assistants and Set Up Crew
  • Participate in annual activities of the Pryzbyla Center and The Catholic University of America including but not limited to orientation, homecoming, and commencement
  • Follow policies and procedures as found in the Pryzbyla Management Student Staff Handbook and policies of The Catholic University of America
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Pryzbyla Management supervisors


  • At least two prior semesters of experience as an Operations Assistant is required to apply
  • Demonstrated leadership experience, ability or skill
  • Demonstrated outstanding work ethic, responsibility and accountability in working for Pryzbyla Management
  • Highly developed organizational skills, proven ability to stay on task, meet deadlines and follow through on assignments
  • Reliable and dependable, friendly, patient and courteous manner
  • Knowledge of the campus, the student center, and the superior use and of Pryzbyla Management resources and equipment
  • Highly motivated, self-directed, responsible, mature and flexible and willingness to work approximately 20 hours per week
  • Desire and ability to work with diverse populations
  • Demonstrated innovative ideas and goals while working in past positions with Pryzbyla Management

Physical Requirements

The position requires the movement of furniture and AV equipment. This includes lifting, pushing and pulling equipment, the ability to maneuver stairs, the ability to carry up to 50 lbs. of weight, and the ability to skillfully use a hand truck.


This position reports to the Operations Coordinator.

Additional Requirements

Must maintain at minimum a 2.5 cumulative GPA during the term of employment.

Helpful Information

Starting Salary:

Approximate Hours per week:
  18 - 20


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