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Student Organization Funding

Funding for all of the student organizations is allocated by either the Student Fee Allocation Board (SFAB) or the Graduate Student Association (GSA).

Student Fee Allocation Board

For undergraduate student organizations, funding is received through SFAB. The SFAB allocates two types of budgets and more information about these budgets can be found below. In addition if you need more information please visit the SORC or contact your SFAB liaison.

Graduate Student Association

For graduate student organizations, funding is received through GSA. To receive funding, your organization must submit a constitution to the GSA Treasurer. Additional information may be required. The GSA Senate then schedules a hearing for your organization at its next regularly scheduled meeting, at which time it will vote to accept or reject your organization's request for funding. For more information regarding this process, please contact the GSA Treasurer.

Undergraduate Budget Allocations From SFAB

The SFAB allocates two types of budgets to student organizations. These budgets are Operating Budgets and Funding Requests. In addition to these allocated budgets, SFAB will also help groups keep track of any fundraised money.

Operating Budget

The general idea is that you should request approximately what you need for 1 year in your operating budget to use on general yearly expenses (office supplies, copies, food for a couple of meetings, yearly dues, etc.). While for the most part there aren't any restrictions on what you can use your operating budget for (within university policy) the

SFAB will be considering how you spent your money when in future requests you are asking for operating budgets.

Funding Requests

These are allocations for specific purposes (events, purchases, conferences, etc.). Each time you have a need for a specific funding request you should complete a funding request form. If your estimates result in excess funds after completing all payments for the request, then the excess funds would be returned to SFAB. For example if you were allocated $1,000.00 to cover all the costs of a purchase and the final cost was $900.00 the remaining $100.00 would be returned to SFAB for reallocation.

Fundraised Money

Any money raised by the group as fundraised money has no restrictions or guidelines from SFAB.


Fundraising is encouraged and can be an excellent method of managing unforeseen expenses. Your organization's advisor and the Program Coordinator can help your organization brainstorm fundraising ideas. Programs that seek to raise money must be consistent with the university's mission and are subject to approval by Campus Activities. Groups are not allowed to conduct raffles and are not allowed to seek sponsorship from bars or organizations that do not support the mission of the university. To be approved, your organization must set up a meeting with the Program Coordinator to discuss fundraising efforts. In most cases in which goods are sold or services are provided for fundraising purposes, the student organization is required to collect sales taxes. The amount of tax varies depending on the good or service that is being sold. Whenever your organization plans fundraising activities, you must check with the Program Coordinator to determine the appropriate amount of tax to collect. When an organization raises money, it should be deposited into its university account. A deposit form, which the Office of Campus Activities can provide, must be completed and taken with the money to the Cashier's window in Leahy Hall or to the Office of Campus Activities.

GSA Rebates

For graduate student organizations representing academic departments, GSA offers one main source of funds. If your organization's representatives attend at least half of the semester's GSA meetings, then an amount of money related to the total number of students in that department is given to your organization. For more information regarding this process, please contact the GSA Treasurer.

GSA Committee Budget Hearings

In addition to GSA Rebates, GSA hears budget requests from graduate student organizations and individual graduate students each semester for lectures and conference travel. This usually occurs during the first two months of the semester. The money allocated during these hearings is to be spent during that semester, and is recaptured at the end of the fiscal year in April.

GSA Budget Committee

The GSA Budget Committee conducts hearings for individual student reimbursements for conference travel. For more information, please contact the GSA Budget Committee Chair.

GSA Lecture Committee

The GSA Lectures Committee also hears requests from student organizations for funds specifically earmarked for lectures. These hearings are also held throughout each semester. For more information, please contact the GSA Lectures Committee Chair.

The SORC website provides additional information, forms, guides, and policies relating to student organizations.