The Catholic University of America

Van Policy

The Office of Events and Conference Services coordinates three vans for rental by recognized CUA student organizations and university departments. The vans are provided to support activities related to the function of the student organizations and university departments. We offer three 12-passenger vans (Van 1, Van 2, and Van 4) and a 9-passenger van (Van 3).

Recognized student organizations and university departments are eligible to request and rent a van. Requests for van rentals are confirmed upon the verification of the availability of a van on the date(s) requested and, if necessary, fund availability in the student organization account. The vans are intended for CUA related activities only. Vans are not available for private use. As such, the vans are to be used to transport passengers, not cargo. Van use is intended only for trips or excursions no greater than 150 miles one-way from campus. The trip or excursion is not to be greater than the distance of a one-day drive to the destination and a one-day drive returning to campus. For trips of a greater distance, departments and  recognized student organizations can submit a request for special permission to use these vans to Events and Conference Services staff.

Vans must be requested a minimum of three business days prior to check-out. Emergency van requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis if vans are available for a shorter turn around. All emergency vans assignments will be billed at double the normal rate (for both the daily fee and the mileage).

For billing information, please see the attached pricing chart for van rentals.

Van reservation requests can be submitted at Requestors will receive an email indicating their request was received immediately after submitting the request. Van reservations are not confirmed until the requestor receives a second email indicating their request has been approved. The second email will include the specific van which has been reserved and the date and time the van can be picked up.

Those requesting vans will receive a 30 minute window during which they may pick up their vehicle. Please bring a copy of your driver’s license, your CUA ID, and a print out of the van reservation confirmation. All three items must be presented at the Pryzbyla Center Information Desk in order to check-out the van. Should the requestor arrive outside of the pick-up window, they will be charged a $15 fee. The requestor will receive a vehicle trip sheet at this time. The form must be filled out and returned to the Information Desk when van keys are returned.

At check-out, a Events and Conference Services student assistant will escort the requestor to the vehicle to do a spot check of the van, including mileage, gas levels, cleanliness, and damages. The requestor will sign for the vehicle and remove it from the loading dock behind the Pryzbyla Center.

Upon returning the vehicle, the driver should park the van in one of the designated spots on the loading dock behind the Pryzbyla Center and return the keys to the Information Desk, along with the signed and dated trip information sheet. If a space is not available on the loading dock because other vehicles are parked their illegally, the driver should contact DPS so the offense can be recorded and then park as near the Pryzbyla Center as is legally possible.

Pryzbyla Management student staff assistants will examine the vehicle once it is returned. Should they notice any damages, trash/debris, smoke odors, the offending organization will be charged for the damages. In the event of major damages or theft, the university department or student organization will be charged the relevant deductible as dictated by the university’s insurance policy.

When possible, the Office of Events and Conference Services supports recognized student organizations in their efforts to participate in community service projects in the D.C. metro area. If your organization is unable to participate in a community service project because of van fees, please contact us to discuss the possibility of reduced rental rates.