The Catholic University of America

Requests and Forms

Event space is requested online using the Request a Space form found at

Information to have on hand when submitting the space request form:

Name of event

Title of event

Sponsoring organization/department

Expected attendance



You should also have a general idea of your desired set-up prior to submitting your request. Providing this information will assist the scheduler in scheduling the most appropriate space on campus or to suggest an alternative location. It will also assist service providers in planning ahead. You can learn more about available spaces, set-ups and services by following the links to the right.

Once space for your event has been scheduled, you will receive an email confirming space is scheduled. It is important to read the email and view the attachment, as the space preference is not always available and a similar space may be assigned. The confirmation email will also provide information for service providers, specific to the space scheduled for the event.

Scheduling help is located at the bottom of the 'Request a Space' page.