The Catholic University of America

Policies and Additional Services

When planning your event, it is important to review and adhere to CUA policies. Following these policies will assist you in planning a successful and safe event.


Alcohol may be served at official sanctioned university events sponsored by student organizations or university departments. Guidelines for planning events where alcoholic beverages are served are available in the Office of Campus Activities.

Campus Bus and Escort Services

University buses are scheduled to serve the main campus during evening hours, seven days a week during the academic year. Copies of the schedule may be obtained from the Department of Public Safety and may also be viewed on the public safety Web page. There is no fee, but the student's Cardinal card must be shown. The Department of Public Safety offers on-campus escort service during evening and early morning hours when buses are not operating.

Disability Issues

In accordance with the ADA, every attempt must be made to ensure equal access for all attendees. Accommodations may include but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring physical access (or providing an alternative option)
  • Providing any materials in Braille or large print, upon request
  • Providing Interpreters and/or transcribers upon request

The following statement should be added to all informational brochures, packets, and websites to inform all participants of the procedures for requesting accommodations:

Please contact___________ (your contact person's name) at least two weeks before____________ (your program/event date) to request accommodations for individuals with disabilities. This includes the need for materials in an alternative format (i.e. large print or Braille), Sign Language Interpreters, accessible seating, and parking information.

Making Public Events Accessible.

Making Publications Accessible

Contact the office of Disability Support Services for more information.


On-campus parking is by permit only. Contact Campus Transportation Management and Identification Office for more information.


The Department of Public Safety reserves the right to require officers for any event. Large social events usually require one officer to be present for every 100 people. Two officers per 100 people are required if alcohol is served at the event. If the sponsoring group is unable or unwilling to hire the officers after DPS has notified them, then the event may not occur at all. Consult the assistant Director of DPS for further details.

Additional Policies can be found on the CUA General Council policy page.

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